Sooo….. Anyone out there using AppFlow on their Citrix Gateway? Well there was a bug identified in the 13.0 Build 36.27. This bug…. This bug made sure that the setting to disable AppFlow globally was not respected. If you disabled it there, nothing happened. Example, if you had an AppFlow policy dumping the data to MAS (Management Analytic Server), it would still see it as enabled unless you disabled the policy explicitly. The PPE (packet processing engine) would still crash and cause it to fail-over repeatedly between an HA configured pair of Gateways. This took about a week to find and a bit longer to fix as we had to wait until the release of 13.0 Build 41.20 to completely resolve the issue. Below are the pictures of the settings and the versions. So if you are running 13.0 Build 36.27, upgrade IMMEDIATELY! Here is the link to the firmware version to save you! AppFlow Fix!

Make sure and upgrade to the 13.0 Build 41.20 and skip the 36.27 build.

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