Wow! Two posts in one day!? What is that!?

So… I’m working on getting this completed. What you may ask? I’m working on powershelling myself into some quick reference materials. I haven’t seen many things that help tie a published application back to a machine. I’m working on one that will get the last missing pieces. Right now, this ties the machine to the application with the users assigned to it. This only shows who is assigned to the applications and what machine it is running on. The next iteration will hopefully tie in the assignments made at the Delivery Group level.

Enter-PSSession servername
asnp citrix*
get-brokermachine | select catalogname,hostedmachinename, @{N="publishedapplications";e={$($_.publishedapplications -join ',')}}, @{N="AssociatedUserNames";e={$($_.AssociatedUserNames -join ',')}} | export-csv c:\software\allapps.csv -NoTypeInformation -append

This will get you the machine catalog, the hosting machine, published applications, and the users assigned to it. Sometimes a quick glance to find where an application is running is helpful. You still have to parse the CSV for what you need, but it is all in one place. Let’s see if we can make it slightly better the next time around. Maybe make a winform with some buttons that show it in text areas. We shall see!

Assistance on getting this working goes to Stuart. Check out his blog!

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