So much fun has been found in the world of next-gen tools. For those out there that are having some oddities with your profiles acting wonky if you happen to have EndGame, well, I have some information for you! Looks like the issue appears in either case of using profile streaming or active write-back. It causes parts of the profile to get file locked that won’t release on a VDI for about 1 min or so and on a server, sometimes until reboot. If a user tries to log back into a server after logging off, it will try and create a new user profile that doesn’t work well because the user profile already exists. When you reboot the server, all returns to normal for a short time until users start logging in again. So at this time, there are known issues with using EndGame with CVAD.

Versions in use are 1906.2 VDA on Server 2012R2 and 2016. The same issue is seen on the 1909 VDA. Just wanted to send out a heads up that this appears to be an issue without a current resolution. I’ll update as we find out more.

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