You ever get an email from a user that just has their name in it and my VDI isn’t working? You ever go to Citrix Studio and look for the user and sort to find them? Well…. How about a better, faster, more streamlined way!? (Might be some powershell involved)

Look no further! Below is a fast and easy way to find that machine that the user just may have happened to forget to include in said email!

Got to make sure you have have the Citrix Studio Powershell modules in there and load them.

If you happen to do the above, you get this:

Gets you the result with names and machine names.

And so you can do that sweet, sweet copy / paste, code snippet below.

asnp Citrix*

$adminAddress = "deliverycontroller.fqdn:80"

Get-Brokermachine -AdminAddress $adminAddress -MaxRecordCount 1000 | Where AssociatedUserNames -like "*partofusername*" | Where SessionSupport -eq "SingleSession" | Select AssociatedUserNames, HostedMachineName, RegistrationState, OSType

Hope that is of some help to you! I typically user the last name for the part of the user name to search the assignments.