So you run SiteManager. And somebody done decided they want to make a new server that will host the security.dat file. And… You already did the work to create custom .ini file locations for the users. NOW you have to change all those smapp.ini files with the updated location of the security.dat file. How dare they?! Well. That could be some fun if you have a lot of users. Wait…. Powershell for the rescue! If you happen to use a profile server to host the user files, you can easily replace it with the new location of the security.dat file.

Update: Not sure what happened, but the code paste didn’t take evidently. I blame gremlins. It has been corrected.

# Replace a line / value in .ini file stored in Citrix UPM folder location when a change to the application is made.
# An example is for SiteManager, if you change the location of the .dat file for security.dat file and you are using a custom .ini
# created and stored with the user profile.

$filePath = "e:\locationofupmfolders"

$Files = Get-ChildItem -Path $filePath -Recurse -File -force -Include "smapp.ini"

foreach($file in $files)
        $find = "value-you-want-to-change"
        $replace = "value-you-want-to-change-to"
        $content = Get-Content $($file.FullName) -Raw
        #write replaced content back to the file
        $content -replace $find,$replace | Out-File $($file.FullName) | write-output

Easy peasy. Now they have the new location of the security.dat file!

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