VDA Upgrade… Oh Yeah!

So you want to upgrade some VDAs?! Yeah you do! I’ve done some edits on other scripts. I’m also working out for additional revisions to check for present sessions. This targets the Server VDA version. You can edit the name to VDAWorkstationSetup_1912.exe in the script and accompanying files to upgrade...Read more

Under My SSL Thumbprint

Wouldn’t you know it!? A vCenter certificate got changed out and now your hypervisor connector is showing it no worky. Come to find out you missed the email memo that the certificate was getting changed. Or you might’ve been busy and didn’t think too much of it. Well, now you...Read more

PoSh Spice Be Here!

I want to take a moment… Ok, that moment’s over. Bringing to you from the world of powershell, powercli, and power scripting….. Stuart Yerdon, and the webmaster of https://notesofascripter.com. He has been featured as a vExpert, a connoisseur of all things M:TG (If you have to ask….), and a colleague...Read more