VDA Upgrade… Oh Yeah!

So you want to upgrade some VDAs?! Yeah you do! I’ve done some edits on other scripts. I’m also working out for additional revisions to check for present sessions. This targets the Server VDA version. You can edit the name to VDAWorkstationSetup_1912.exe in the script and accompanying files to upgrade...Read more

Windows Terminal On Citrix VDI Keyboard No Worky

So ran into this fun on Citrix VDI with Windows Terminal. You get it installed. You start it up. It’s all shiny. You press a button….. And…… NOTHING! So we saw this issue on Windows Terminal on Windows 10 20H2 running CVAD 1912 CU5 VDA. A little bit of searching...Read more

Change That Deprecated HTTP.REQ.USER

Get rid of it! In the How To Create The Wow nFactor part one (https://xenapplepie.com/2022/03/13/how-to-create-the-wow-nfactor/), there is a section where you get a popup after configuring your LDAPS authentication. This outlines resolving that by logging into your handy, dandy Netscaler ADC with the power of SSH or putty. I’ll also...Read more

How To Create The Wow nFactor Part 2!

This is part 2 of the nFactor setup that outlines how to setup the AAA-TM server and the Authentication Profile that you need in order to implement the nFactor flow you created in part 1. Link to Part 1 below. Part 1: https://xenapplepie.com/2022/03/13/how-to-create-the-wow-nfactor/ This section outlines setting up the AAA-TM...Read more