Sometimes you need to find a user’s VDI machine to work on it. This function will do that for you. I typically use the last name as the search to limit the scope of the machines found. It will find all machines that contain any part of the string you enter. It also shows the MachineName which includes the domain\machinename to help locate the user machine. You can add other parameters such as AgentVersion if desired. I limited the scope to not include floating pool (Random) assigned machines. For a list of all fields of Get-BrokerMachine that can be selected in the function with Select-Object, please see this link: Get-BrokerMachine Options

# Requires being connected to Citrix Cloud with DaaS SDK. 
Function Get-VDI {
        [Parameter(Position = 0, Mandatory, ValueFromPipeline, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName)]
    Process {
       $userToFind = '*' + $VDIUserName + '*'
       $getVDIs = Get-BrokerMachine -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Where-Object SessionSupport -eq "SingleSession" | Where-Object AllocationType -eq "Static" | Where-Object AssociatedUserNames -like "$userToFind" | Select-Object AssociatedUserNames, MachineName, RegistrationState, InMaintenanceMode, SessionCount
    End {
Example with user that has 4 desktops assigned.

Also to make it is easy for the day to day, you can add this to your profile with notepad $profile and copy and paste it there and reload.