Sometimes you need users to see training videos. You may have to copy it to several servers. You may need to copy several videos to several servers. There might be an instance where it is a new implementation or you have had videos there before. This will copy videos to a group of servers in a Delivery Group and publish the app to the Application Group of your choosing.

$remoteMachines        = (Get-BrokerMachine -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Where-Object DesktopGroupName -Match "DeliveryGroupName" | Select-Object DNSName).DNSName
$sourcePath            = "PathToVideo.fqdn"
$videosToCopy          = Get-ChildItem -Path $sourcePath | Select-Object Name
$destinationPath       = "c$\training-video-folder"
$applicationType       = "HostedOnDesktop"
$commandLineArguments  = "c:\training-video-folder"
$commandLineExecutable = "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
$workingDirectory      = "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player"
$applicationGroup      = "App Group Name"
$iconUid               = "21"

$totalItems            = $remoteMachines.Count
$currentItem           = 0
$percentComplete       = 0

foreach($remote in $remoteMachines){
  Write-Host "Checking if folder " $destinationPath " exists on " $remote
  if (!(Test-Path -Path "\\$remote\$destinationPath")) {
        Write-Host "Creating folder " ($destinationPath).Split('\')[1] " on $remote"      
        New-Item -ItemType Directory -Path "\\$remote\c$" -Name ($destinationPath).Split('\')[1]

  foreach($video in $videosToCopy){
    Write-Progress -Activity "Copying $video to $remote" -Status "$percentComplete% Complete:" -PercentComplete $percentComplete
    Copy-Item "\\$sourcePath\$video" -Destination "\\$remote\$destinationPath\" -Force
    $percentComplete = [int](($currentItem / $totalItems) * 100)

foreach($vid in $videosToCopy){

$videoName = ($vid.Name)
$shortName = ($vid.Name).Split('.')[0]

New-BrokerApplication -ApplicationType "$applicationType" -Name "$shortName" -BrowserName "$shortName" -CommandLineExecutable "$commandLineExecutable" -CommandLineArguments "$commandLineArguments\$videoName" -Description "$shortName" -WorkingDirectory "$workingDirectory" -ApplicationGroup "$applicationGroup" -IconUid "$iconUid"