Good evening and salutations! So ran into a bit of an issue. I was trying to published video content via Citrix. Typically powershell for the win on that one. For some reason, the 1909, 1907, and 1903 WorkspaceApp was trying to launch the content as HTTP when it was file type associated to launch via media player. This was running on a 2012R2 Server with 1906.2 VDA for CVAD. Not exactly sure what was going on with that. We have a case opened and once we get the results, hopefully we will have a better answer as to what was happening. So, for the old skool method of publishing, went with publishing media player with a path to the video file. Worked flawlessly. Pictures below in case you run into the same issue! You will also want a GPO to make sure the first run pop-up from Media Player doesn’t show. That setting is below as well! You will want to scope the policy to the server hosting media player. Now publish that video!