Good afternoon champions of remote making work possible peoples! Welcome to April 99th! Hope that everyone is staying safe and secure in this tumultuous time. Had some fun with a NSSSL bug. If there is a bug, I will find it. Had some more fun with another one. Somehow, someway, some method the IISU_IUSRS group got removed from C:\Windows\Temp and one of the really long folder names that was .NET. Anyone else have that fun? Causes things to not work as intended with StoreFront. I think there may be gremlins hiding out and strategically targetting. I’m prepping my anti-gremlin weapons. Looks like the new CU1 is out for 1912LTSR. Get on over and be checking that out! (psst… I’ll leave a link below for you. Really. You need to do it. I’ll wait. No seriously. JUST DO IT!)

There are some things you need to pay attention to. StoreFront upgrade. READ AND FOLLOW the directions. It will only help you.

Let’s see… I did get a nice Google Nest thermostat. Somehow, on a relatively new house (built in the early 2000s), I had a mercury thermostat. A real live mercury one. It wasn’t working like it should have been. I may have inadvertently knocked the panel across the room and damaged the thermister. I am seeing a nice reduction in power use. 15-20% ish. Not too shabby. I also got a Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard with the orange switches. Really enjoying typing a keyboard that doesn’t cause the wrist and hands to feel like they are on fire.

Everyone here has been staying healthy and COVID free. You stay safe as well!

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