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It Just Didn’t Register: Find Unregistered Machines

Just a quick little script you can add to your daily checks. This has been helpful for me to see if I have something that didn’t want to play nice BEFORE someone calls me and says it is broken. Good to have also if you have multiple hypervisor connections so you can see where at least it is running. Saves you looking around to figure out where it be.

# Get unregistered machine information

$adminAddress = "ddcaddress.fqdn:80"

$unregisteredMachines = get-brokermachine -AdminAddress $adminAddress -MaxRecordCount 25000| where registrationstate -eq "unregistered"
$report = @()
    foreach($unreg in $unregisteredMachines){

      $line = "" | select HostedMachineName, RegistrationState, AssociatedUserNames, DesktopGroupName, CatalogName, InMaintenanceMode, OSType, LastConnectionUser, LastConnectionTime, HypervisorConnectionName, SessionCount

      $line.HostedMachineName        = $unreg.HostedMachineName
      $line.RegistrationState        = $unreg.RegistrationState
      $line.AssociatedUserNames      = $unreg.AssociatedUserNames -join ','
      $line.DesktopGroupName         = $unreg.DesktopGroupName
      $line.CatalogName              = $unreg.CatalogName
      $line.InMaintenanceMode        = $unreg.InMaintenanceMode
      $line.OSType                   = $unreg.OSType
      $line.LastConnectionUser       = $unreg.LastConnectionUser
      $line.LastConnectionTime       = $unreg.LastConnectionTime
      $line.HypervisorConnectionName = $unreg.HypervisorConnectionName
      $line.SessionCount             = $unreg.SessionCount

      $report += $line


    $report |format-table


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