When you need to add another cloud connector, it’s really easy to forget a step or two since you don’t necessarily do it all the time. But don’t forget to add it to the STA list on the your Citrix Gateway on Netcaler and as a Delivery Controller on your Storefront servers. But…. Rather important if you are using HTTPS (which you should be), to make sure and have a cert on the Cloud Connector (server /client) and bind it using the script below. Since IIS isn’t installed on the Cloud Connectors, this is how you can do it! Article below has screenshots of getting cert and App ID. This is for after you already have gotten App ID and the certificate installed. Also, certificates expire, so you will have to get new certs when they expire and bind them the same way. I added the $beforeCertificateBind and $afterCertificateBind so you have an output of what was there before and after. You can get the App ID by following the link: Enable SSL

$beforeCertificateBind = (& C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe http Show sslcert)

# Confirm AppID.
$appID   = "12345678-1234-1234-1234-1234567890AB"
$getHash = (Get-ChildItem -path cert:\LocalMachine\My | Where-Object Subject -Match "$env:COMPUTERNAME" | Select-Object Thumbprint).Thumbprint

& C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe http add sslcert ipport= certhash=$getHash appid=`{$appID`}

$afterCertificateBind = (& C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe http Show sslcert)