IP Home on the Range

Good afternoon Citrix machina! So today, I want to expand on my overview list ( please see overview subject to change post ). I listed as item 1 that you need an IP range for your Citrix environment. I used a subnet that got me quite a few servers...Read more

SQL Requirements for XenApp 7.15LTSR

Here are the requirements I ran across needing for the SQL backend portion for XenApp 7.15LTSR. I had to initially get full sa permission so that XenApp could setup it’s 3 databases. We couldn’t get it to work otherwise. After that, we were able to step down the permission as...Read more

Overview subject to change

Good afternoon and stuff! As promised, I’m going to begin to post the stuff for building a XenApp 7.15 LTSR Enterprise environment. This is subject to change as I run into different issues, requirements, or angry wombats. Below is a skeleton of the requirements I ran into in setting up...Read more

PoSh Spice Be Here!

I want to take a moment… Ok, that moment’s over. Bringing to you from the world of powershell, powercli, and power scripting….. Stuart Yerdon, and the webmaster of https://notesofascripter.com. He has been featured as a vExpert, a connoisseur of all things M:TG (If you have to ask….), and a colleague...Read more

What is coming!

Good golly miss Molly! I’m working on a get to go documentation on setting up a full scale enterprise Citrix infrastructure. This includes several Citrix technologies including PVS, AppLayering, and more! I will having blog posts relating to an area of setup over the next couple months, and then I...Read more

Linux Receiver for Fedora

So you want to connect to Citrix on Fedora 28 to a Citrix site that uses Entrust certificates? Well, the receiver has a few issues with that idea. So to take care of that, there are some workarounds you need to do. I have a link on the bottom of...Read more

SUBST for the substitute win!

Welcome all to the world of an older application that was never meant to be multi-user. The application was designed for a desktop OS and for a single user. One way you can get around application work/temp folders is an old DOS command called subst. You can use it to...Read more

Virtually into the world of virtualizing!

Do you want to build a snowman? I mean….. Maybe that’s the wrong place. Oh well. My name is Kris Davis and I’m a techaholic. Wrong meeting. Back to topic. I’ve been working in the tech world for 18 years ish. My primary focus for the past 12 years or...Read more