Change That Deprecated HTTP.REQ.USER

Get rid of it! In the How To Create The Wow nFactor part one (, there is a section where you get a popup after configuring your LDAPS authentication. This outlines resolving that by logging into your handy, dandy Netscaler ADC with the power of SSH or putty. I’ll also...Read more

How To Create The Wow nFactor Part 2!

This is part 2 of the nFactor setup that outlines how to setup the AAA-TM server and the Authentication Profile that you need in order to implement the nFactor flow you created in part 1. Link to Part 1 below. Part 1: This section outlines setting up the AAA-TM...Read more

Keep It On The Level, The MinimumFunctionalLevel

Sometimes, over time, you upgrade and upgrade. But maybe you forgot to upgrade your functional levels for your Machine Catalogs and Delivery Groups. If you don’t have the right functional level, you may be missing out on features. (Link to functional levels: So here is a quick way to...Read more