Good afternoon and stuff! As promised, I’m going to begin to post the stuff for building a XenApp 7.15 LTSR Enterprise environment. This is subject to change as I run into different issues, requirements, or angry wombats. Below is a skeleton of the requirements I ran into in setting up and Enterprise Citrix environment. I did run into an interesting issue with the Netscaler management interface being on the same VLAN as the data traffic, but that is for another post soon to come. I’ll be addressing the individual components as well as the specifics / issues and resolutions I ran across as well. But for now, here you go!


  1. IP range for the Citrix servers.
  2. Dedicated storage LUN(s) / storage cluster.
  3. Dedicated hardware / Vmware cluster.
  4. One license server.
  5. Two – three PVS servers.
  6. One SQL server and instance.
  7. Two – three storefront servers.
  8. Two – three director servers.
  9. Two – three profile servers.
  10. DHCP server.
  11. Two netscalers in HA to support user connections.
  12. SSL certificate for main site.
  13. SSL certificate for StoreFront.
  14. VLAN for Citrix.
  15. AppLayering OVA 4.11.
  16. MAS OVA for netscaler.
  17. Sizing of 3:1 or 4:1 for Citrix on over provisioning of hardware. Some articles list as 2:1, but 3:1 or even 4:1 may be attainable depending on applications.
  18. Four service accounts.