Recently we had upgraded firmware on a Citrix ADC from 13.0-83.27 to 13.0-85.15. This was to try and correct an issue with the HTML interface not updating the custom settings on the Login Schemas for nFactor configuration. It would create the custom XML file for use, but it wouldn’t reflect any changes to it. I checked the permissions on the XML file and they would show root had read / write. You could still copy the XML file down via tools like WinSCP, make the edit, and copy back to the ADC.

Below you can see what happened. You would navigate to AppExpert > Responder and you would see the proper number of policies showing.

After you click on the the # Responder Policies, you see below.

It shows that there are no policies there. You can click on “Statistics” and you see this below.

It appears that it reset the counters as well. You can putty into the ADC and do a “show run” and you see that they are still there.

You can see that the policies are there. They do appear to work, but they just don’t show on the HTML GUI.

So a downgrade of version will be in order to see if that resolves the issue and Citrix is still looking at the issue to find a resolution.

UPDATE: Looks like a firmware revision reversion took care of the display issue with the showing of Responder policies.