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If You Could Get Those User Counts Today, That Would Be Great.

So you like your reports fresh off the press!? We do too! A quick little script to grab a daily report, running as a scheduled task, and send out some user information. Just in case someone likes to know how many people using the platform.

Gets you this nice little emailed report:

# Get Citrix Daily Users reporting. This requires Powershell, Studio SDK, access rights to the license server.
# This gets the unique users, current sessions, connected and disconnected VDI, and license counts.
# This was tested with build 37000 License Server with 1 license file. Running this as a scheduled task you will need an AD account
# to run this under. A service account works well for this.

asnp Citrix*

$adminAddress = "deliverycontroller.fqdn:80"

$licenseServerAddress = "https://licenseserveraddress:8083"

$licenseServerName = "licenseserver.fqdn"

$cert = Get-LicCertificate -AdminAddress $licenseServerAddress

# This section was gotten from and modified for my use.
$licenseInfo = Get-WmiObject -Namespace "ROOT\CitrixLicensing" Citrix_GT_License_Pool -ComputerName $licenseServerName
$licenseModel = ($LicenseInfo | Where-Object{($_.pld -like "XDT*") -or ($_.pld -like "MPS*")}|Select-Object pld -unique).pld
$totalLicenses = ($licenseInfo | Where-Object PLD -like "$licenseModel" | Select-Object count).count
# End section.

# This section was assisted from and
# This will run differently for Monday since you are getting data from the last 24 hours and weekends are usually lower use.
$Today = Get-Date
if(($Today.DayOfWeek) -eq 'Monday')
{$when = $Today.AddDays(-3)}
else{$when = $Today.AddDays(-1)}
# End section.

$connections = Get-BrokerConnectionLog -AdminAddress $adminAddress -Filter {BrokeringTime -gt $when} -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Select-Object BrokeringUserName

$licenseCount = (Get-LicUsageDetails -AdminAddress $licenseServerAddress -ProductEditionModel $licenseModel -CertHash $cert.CertHash).count

$ctxUsers = [PSCustomObject] @{

  UniqueCitrixUsers      = ($connections.BrokeringUserName | Select-Object -Unique).count
  CurrentSessions        = (Get-BrokerSession -AdminAddress $adminAddress -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Select-Object BrokeringUserName).count
  CitrixVDIConnected     = (Get-BrokerSession -AdminAddress $adminAddress -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Where-Object SessionSupport -eq "SingleSession" | Where-Object SessionState -eq "Active").count
  CitrixVDIDisconnected  = (Get-BrokerSession -AdminAddress $adminAddress -MaxRecordCount 100000 | Where-Object SessionSupport -eq "SingleSession" | Where-Object SessionState -eq "Disconnected").count
  CitrixLicensesUsed     = $licenseCount
  CitrixTotalLicenses    = $totalLicenses
  CtxLicenseFreePercent  = ((($totalLicenses - $licenseCount) / $totalLicenses ) * 100).ToString("#.##")


# HTML Formatting
$style = "<style>BODY{font-family: Arial; font-size: 10pt;}"
$style = $style + "TABLE{border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse;}"
$style = $style + "TH{border: 1px solid black; background: #dddddd; padding: 5px; }"
$style = $style + "TD{border: 1px solid black; padding: 5px; }"
$style = $style + "</style>"

# HTML Email Body
$body = $ctxUsers | ConvertTo-Html -Head $style

# Generates email with attachment
$date = Get-date -Format "MM-dd-yyyy"
$emailFrom = ""
$emailto = ""
#$emailtwo = ""
#$emailCC = ""
$subject="Daily Citrix User Report | $date" 
$email = New-object System.Net.Mail.MailMessage 
$Email.From = New-Object $emailFrom
$email.Subject = $subject
$email.IsBodyHtml = $true
#$attachment = $Reports[1]
$email.body = $body

$smtp = new-object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer)


That One Time, You Got SMAPP’d!


Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Ray Davis

    This just what I need Man. Thank you.

    • masterchef

      Glad I was able to help! The Citrix Cloud version I have posted as well. It works the same as the other, just updated for the cloud version. ~~Kris

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